How Does 3D Animation Boost your Business?

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Why you should implement 3D Animation to Boost Your Business:

3D animation is becoming increasingly popular because it creates this fantastical and exciting world populated with scenery and elements that would be difficult to find, create, and capture in real time. The illusion of motion creates a 360 degree view which enables viewers to feel as though the product is directly in front of them. Not only are these animations captivating, but they are also helping drive business. In fact, on average, a user will spend around 88% more time on a website if it contains video(s). Many businesses are utilizing 3D animated videos to showcase their products and services, and if your business is not one of them, here are five reasons why you should consider incorporating this tool in your strategy.

  1. Digestible Content

3D animation can help your business break down complex concepts in a concise and interactive way. Animation makes it easy to showcase product features, benefits, and demonstrate functionality which is not always attainable with photos.

Instead of prospects reaching out with inquiries and waiting for your company to respond – at which point they may have already moved on to your competitor – they can watch an animation video that explains and helps them visualize what you are selling at any point – even when your employees are asleep. This enables your product information to be available at their fingertips whenever they need it. As a result, 3D Animation is a key tool to not only mitigate confusion but to help bridge the gap between what your customers are expecting and what your product is delivering.

  1. Credibility

The best part of animation is the 360 degree view. Instead of forcing your target audience to trust that your product will do what it appears to, 3D animation shows them in an immersive, real-time experience that helps build and establish trust with your customers.

Take TikTok for example. For many Gen Z’s, TikTok has become an alternative platform to Google. Instead of researching bars, restaurants, and interesting spots to visit on Google, Gen Z’s are turning to TikTok. Why? Because people are interested in SEEING something rather than just reading about it. 3D Animation allows your prospects and current customers to understand how your product or service can be used, and how it really looks, as opposed to a static image that has the potential to be misleading.

  1. Brand Awareness

3D Animation videos are incredibly engaging, which makes them more memorable than a simple static photo. Let’s say your prospect watches your video and doesn’t end up making a purchase, the video is still more likely to stick, making it easier for them to recall your brand in the future. In fact, when viewers watch a video, they retain 95% of the message in comparison to 10% retention when they read it in text. Check out this quick 3D Animation video that helped the company JBL GO boost brand awareness.

  1. Endless Supply of Creativity

Instead of hiring a production company and paying for set design and actors, 3D animation allows for cheaper and faster creative outcomes. Traditional filming will certainly be limited by your business’s budget, but with animation the opportunities and creativity are endless!

  1. Shareable content

As our technology landscape evolves, video content has become the preferred way to create and consume content across all social media platforms. Algorithms on Instagram and Facebook even favour reel content over post content. To scale your brand best, get creative and post your 3D animation content in more than one place at a time, to increase viewership and boost brand awareness. Think of it this way, it’s not just for your website, it can be incorporated into your social media strategy too, killing two birds with one stone.

And if we still haven’t quite convinced you, maybe this will. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. If you were purchasing a smart watch, would you rather read a lengthy article about its functionality or would you prefer to watch a quick animation video explaining it?

Jackie Marson | Staff Writer

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