Ways to Be Confident at Work

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Long before the days of COVID-19, people suffered from low self-esteem and it’s only gotten worse with every lockdown and quarantine to date. Many have even more time now to be alone with their thoughts, picking away at their own self-worth and insecurities, which can bleed into all aspects of their lives. For those working from home, suffering from a lack of confidence (whether pre- or post-pandemic), it wouldn’t hurt to have a few tips to leave you feeling bolder and braver, not only at work but in life as well. 

Be Active 

Countless studies out there show that staying active consistently not only increases your lifespan and improves your health, but it also gives you a desirable ego boost. Whether it’s losing weight or feeling stronger than before, being active in any way can have long-lasting benefits on your physical and mental health. Aside from working out or going for a walk, you can try studying martial arts as a great option to improve confidence and it can help you not only physically but mentally. 

Dress the Part 

You would be surprised how great you feel in the right outfit and how good you can look in the mirror—especially post-workout. When you’re comfortable in your skin and the clothes you’re in, your mood and mannerisms reflect that. Wearing clothes that suit your personality and your body type can have a positive impact on how you carry yourself, whether it’s on a Zoom call or a board meeting. Don’t be afraid to try on new things, but it’s also necessary to know your limits—not everyone can pull off everything. 

Remember Nobody’s Perfect 

It helps to remind yourself that no one is perfect and that owning your shortcomings is a natural process. Don’t shy away from having those tough conversations with yourself and own your imperfections. There are plenty of people in high-powered positions who lack confidence in their daily routine and are just faking it until they make it. Go easy on yourself and respect the process. 

Keep Good Company 

If you surround yourself with the right kind of people, eventually how they speak and act will leave an impression on you. If you want to learn how to be more secure in yourself and let that translate in your work, you need to find the right crowd to motivate you. They could be friends, family, colleagues, or people to network with. There’s always a crowd of like-minded people, so feel free to emulate them without losing yourself or feeling unnatural. 

Get Outside Help 

There’s no shame in asking for a little outside help to consult on a problem and it’s not a sign of weakness. In this case, getting a therapist or a life coach is a great way to unpack your issues and find the root of your confidence issues. They’re more equipped to help you sort things out and give you the tools you need to move forward. 

Praise Yourself 

Being your own champion is something that should be done more and often gets overlooked. It’s important to celebrate your strengths and remind yourself of who you are, whether you’re at work or looking for work. Small affirmations can go a long way and it’s often something we expect from others, as opposed to ourselves. Being confident in your skills is a daily task but there’s always at least one thing everyone is good at, so don’t let your achievements go unnoticed. 

Evan Chambers | Contributing Writer

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