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Scale globally & reduce costs with our omni-channel, 24/7/365 call center services.

We’re a leading provider of deeply customizable telesales, customer service, and market research that are designed to drive revenue, top sales performance, and ROI for businesses.

We’re a leading provider of deeply customizable telesales, customer service, and market research that are designed to drive revenue, top sales performance, and ROI for businesses.

Answering Service

It is not unlikely your customers’ first interaction with your organization would be through the telephone. We know the value of creating the very important first impression to win a lead. We don’t just leave it to our cutting-edge facilities to do the work. Our articulate team of agents is trained to exude the best of warmth and friendliness, and a tone that makes callers feel secure and at home to do business with your organization. Our Healthcare answering service is designed to respond promptly to your patient’s call 24/7. Caring and making your callers feel welcome is a goal we must maintain as we’ve always done with our clients globally. We understand the importance of being compliant with data protection laws, so that your customers’ interaction and data are handled in a professional and secure manner.

Customer Acquisition

We understand the importance for clients to acquire new customer and keep them. Our Customer Acquisition and Retention programs can give you that increase you desire while keeping your current customers satisfied. These include simple to complex telemarketing, outbound sales call; and warm or cold calling. Equipped with a broad understanding of your products and services, our call agents are able to maximize the quality of every customer call by up-selling and cross-selling additional services. We do all this with the objective of increasing your revenue and widening your client base. You can rest assured that we will do what is required and necessary to make and keep your customers satisfied. Our specialized training and orientation prepare our team to build and ensure strong relationships with your customers by being able to answer all their questions, address their concerns, make sure they have the best service they can possibly get and determine what other needs they have that your products and services can satisfy. We treat your customers just as you would want them to be treated; with the highest level of quality service to satisfy their need, so they are happy to continue doing business with you.

Customer Service

We know the role and understand the importance of great customer service to an organization’s need to generate and increase revenue. With our well trained customer service agents, we’ll engage with your customers professionally right before, during and after the sale of your product. Utilizing our cutting edge technology, the goal is to ensure we build a long lasting relationship with your current customers and win new ones into doing business consistently with your brand. We have a dedicated team of professionals with great communication skills and marketing prowess to drive your customer service department and create that image of a responsive unit you’ll be proud of having.

Inbound Sales

Every organization is geared towards making sales and increasing revenue. We have this well-sorted out in whichever volume your organization has the need, whether in a small volume or a high-volume daily demand at a cost effective rate that won’t leave a hole in your organization’s purse. We have zero tolerance for laxity with order taking knowing this is the ultimate goal of any business. We utilize modern technology coupled with our highly experienced and professional staff to deliver the goods as you’ll want it done.

Lead Generation

There cannot be sales and increased revenue without a solid and effective lead generation system. Getting people to have an interest in your business offerings in a highly competitive space does not happen automatically; you have to work hard and smart at it. This is where we step in not only to drive leads but to ensure they are converted to customers that will generate sales. We know how to develop that irresistible offer that will make people naturally love doing business with your brand. We count on the expertise of our experienced team and the use of cutting edge technology to deliver quality and measurable results to you as we’ve done for every business we’ve helped in the past and continue to help.

Market Research and Surveys

Knowing what your customers or clients want is very crucial to the growth of your company. We are able to conduct marketing surveys, gathering important information from your potential customers and clients, and other important data. We work along with our clients to gather vital information from their existing customers to calculate Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Transactional Net Promoter Score (TNPS). We are able to validate and update certain client information for promotional campaigns. Telecommunication and publishing companies are some of the companies that utilize our call center services to gather valuable feedback from their customers. We handle your B2C and B2B calls with the highest degree of quality and professionalism. Contact us and let us do a pilot test for you. Our surveys and market research collect and provide adequate and necessary information to our clients that guide promotional campaigns for their products.

Dedicated Call Center Partner:

Protel Marketing Inc., offers a wide range of customized Modern Marketing, Sales and Customer Care Solutions.  The core of our business is Inbound and Outbound Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) Telemarketing. They are among the leading accomplished call centers with locations ideally stationed across the English speaking Caribbean, which delivers outstanding services to clients all over USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the Caribbean Islands. 

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