Digitally Transform Your Business – Part III

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In the last part of this blog series, we will see how businesses can take some important measures to transform themselves digitally. 

Be Customer-Obsessed

Walmart has partnered with Instacart in Canada to offer home deliveries to customers. Orange Theory, 24 Hour Fitness, and Planet Fitness provide live-streaming of their lessons and deliver home workout plans. Papa John’s has started offering ordering service through Facebook. What do these all have in common? Customer obsession. These companies are reading their customers’ behaviours and delivering on their expectations and that, without doubt, requires a reliance on technology. Customers spend a great deal of time on the internet, so it is sensible to provide them with ease and convenience on various internet-based platforms, like websites and social media.

Deliver the Best Experiences

Customer experience (CX) is one of the main focuses in the business world right now. Companies now hire personnel in the roles of digital experience designers, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) engineers, and CX managers to keep an eye on the technical and non-technical aspects of their company’s overall digital experience. Usability studies and research form the basis of UI and UX where an observer asks participants to interact with webpages to gain an understanding of most users’ expected behaviour. Meanwhile, managers observe customer behaviour at every point of contact in their journeys to look at flaws in design and unmet needs. While small businesses cannot always hire someone for all these roles, they can seek help from consultants to prepare them for customer expectations.

Create Flexible Working Conditions

Adoption of technology to enable work-from-home is now essential. Depending on the line of work, of course, giving employees the flexibility to work from their home stations is a crucial component of the employee experience, which cannot be neglected in a time when a lot of the younger workforce has instigated the Great Resignation. This would also mean letting go of the mindset to scrutinize your employees to see if they are putting in the same effort as in-person.

Invest in Cybersecurity Measures

Cybersecurity measures are central to survival in the digital world. Hackers and cybercriminals are forever investing in their attacks, so you must invest in pre-emptive strategies for defense. Training teams to identify possible warnings of attacks, the use of strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, constant software updates, restricting the use of personal devices by employees in hybrid working conditions, performing system-wide security audits, and maintaining protocols for sensitive data are some crucial measures to undertake.

Centralize Data Collection

Snowplow explains that effective data centralization results from creating a single centralized data platform that can collect, process, and store data. For that, centralized platform thinking is also crucial as it attempts cohesion of disparate data sources (such as those available on web and mobile) by reconciling departmental silos, running the data pipeline of one warehouse on a single cloud service such as BigQuery, and developing an organization-wide self-serve data-oriented mindset for the improvement of CX.

Arslan Ahmed | Staff Writer

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