Helpful Tips to Increase Online Sales

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If you’re looking to grow your online sales, there are a lot of things you’ll need to do. So, here is a list to help you get started.


Most customers will not buy from a company if there is anything wrong with the company’s website. 

  • Polished and Professional

Your website should be easy to read and absent of clutter. Customers should not feel overwhelmed or confused while looking at your website. You also want to ensure that your product photos are professional quality, and that you feature more than one photo of each product.

  • Easy to Navigate and User-Friendly 

Make sure the search bar is easy to find and your drop-down menus function properly and are logical. If a customer is looking for jewellery, they should be able to find the jewellery you offer within two clicks or less. Your checkout process should also be streamlined and uncomplicated.

  • Optimized for Both Desktop and Mobile 

Many customers are now choosing to shop on their phones rather than on their computers. It is important to ensure that customers have the best experience with your website, regardless of the device they use.

  • Your Back End Runs Well

Your website should not crash, cause your customer’s device to overheat, or have constant glitches. If a customer is inconvenienced by your website and how it functions, they will most likely not buy from you.

Online Presence 

Companies with a strong online presence are better at keeping customers loyal to their brand and consistently see a high number of sales. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website should be easy to find and on the top of the list of search results. So, make sure that you are using keywords that are relevant to your target market. You can also create content such as blog posts that use relevant keywords to answer questions and keep a good SEO score. 

  • Use Social Media 

Connect your store to your social media to help customers engage with your brand. You can promote special offers, interact with customers to answer questions and give customers more than just one place to find you. 

  • Read Your Analytics

Look at your analytics to ensure that your products reflect your customers’ needs. This way you can run targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook, and you can create tailored marketing campaigns that will appeal to your target market. You can also use analytics to learn how customers are finding your store.

Pricing and Offers

Everyone likes a deal, and most customers will be researching to ensure that the products you are offering are being sold at the best price compared to your competitors.

  • Offer Discounts, Packages, and Promotions 

Entice your customers with things like time-sensitive special offers, limited-edition products, and promotional free gifts or samples. You can also package products together, for instance if a customer has a product in their cart, offer them a second product in addition to the first at a discounted price.

You might also consider implementing a subscription model if you sell products that people may need to buy regularly, and you can offer discounts to subscribers.


  • Show Customer Reviews 

The majority of customers look at reviews before making a purchase. Authentic reviews, such as a star rating and a comment, are proof that your products and services are worth buying. 

Learn from bad reviews and show your willingness to listen to your customers rather than deleting bad reviews or banning negative keywords. 

  • Top-Notch Customer Service

Install a chatbot to answer any general inquiries that a customer may have and make your “contact us” page easy to find and use in case a customer has a question that a real person will be required to answer.

  • Make Shipping and Returns Easy 

Offering things like free shipping if a customer spends over a certain amount of money is a great way to increase sales. 

You also need to ensure that your return policy is easy to find and understand and you are clear about where you ship to. You should also consider having free shipping on all returns and streamlining the return process.

Lauren Schwartz | Contributing Writer 

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