How to Network During a Pandemic

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The impacts of COVID-19 are showing no signs of slowing down and with new variants and restrictions arising, we seem to be getting not any closer to the way things once were. This has left many feeling disconnected in different ways, leaving them unsure of how to stay connected to their networks. How can you meet new people devoid of the ability to meet new people? If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that you have to be able to pivot and adjust to your surroundings in order to survive. The following tips will help you navigate your respective industry and give you an idea of how to keep in touch in a touchless environment.

Be Bold

If this time has taught us anything, it’s that life can change in an instant and that means being able to adjust without notice. A change of strategy is necessary for any business or individual, and, in this case, it means making bold moves. What does that mean? It can mean a number of things, but when it comes to networking, you may have to surprise yourself. Reaching out to a new contact via cold call or email is an example of getting out of your comfort zone and getting the advancement needed in your life. Doing something that surprises or scares you can help you become the person you admire or want to be—one bold move at a time.

Reach Out

Using your existing network is always a good move but it often gets overlooked. It helps to not only network up but also think about networking down or at your level. The connections you’ve already made can be surprisingly helpful and can grow with you as you move up in the industry. It could be through friends from high school or college/university that you occasionally keep in touch with. In most cases, you might not have spoken to them since graduation or the reunion, but don’t let that discourage you. Just remember to be genuine about what you’re asking and feel free to throw in an anecdote from back in the day.

Build Your Profile

Revamping your image online, both personally and professionally, can be one of the ways to getting you one step closer to whatever contact or job you’re looking for. Cleaning up your image is public relations 101 and it’s a simple and effective strategy in order for others to take you seriously. Everything from LinkedIn to Instagram needs to be tweaked and presentable, even if your profile is private. So much of the business world has moved online, even before COVID hit, and the businesses that failed or refused to change got left behind. Being more visible online can help you meet the right people and find a common goal or project.

Attend Virtual Events

While meeting online is nowhere near as fruitful or fun as the real thing, it’s the safest way to make things happen in a group. Virtual events can connect thousands on a global scale and help connect people who would have never met before. A quick search will help you discover your next virtual seminar, and from there you can introduce yourself to the right people.

Evan Chambers | Contributing Writer

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