Marketing Myths Debunked

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Many businesses, big and small, have either made the move to adopt digital marketing or are in the process of doing so. A few of these businesses might fall prey to myths about marketing; however, there is enough evidence out there to suggest otherwise. In this article, we will help dispel some of those myths and reveal the reality.

Doomed SEO

While SEO efforts might not be producing the results that they did in the past, it doesn’t mean that it has grown less important. The field of SEO is constantly changing and evolving. Currently, there are more than nine algorithm updates on Google every day. It is becoming more of a challenge to rank highly on SERPs (search engine results pages), but it certainly isn’t impossible. 

Nowadays, the key focus of algorithms isn’t the number of keywords in or links to a piece of content; instead, more than 90 per cent of searches are on Google, which emphasizes user experience over anything else. This means that ranks are now determined based on factors such as the load speed of a website, quality of images, and mobile optimization.

Adopt All Social Media or None

Social media is extremely critical, both in terms of content marketing and sales. It is, however, wrong to assume that you should have a promotional account on every social media platform out there. In fact, you can try a few of them and see which ones align well with the brand and produce good results. 

Conversely, it would be equally wrong to assume that the nature of your brand or business does not need any social media presence (perhaps a B2B company that mainly sells through traditional methods). It makes complete sense to have an account or two to showcase what the company does to attract top talent.

Email Marketing is Dead

Businesses that think along these lines are victim to poorly thought-out email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is shown to generate $44 of ROI for every dollar spent. So, thinking that email marketing does not bring results is a big blunder. Instead, businesses must carefully research their target markets, their interests and needs, and centre emails accordingly.

Mobile Visitors Don’t Generally Buy

This is not true either because mobile sites are among those that amass some of the highest traffic of visitors. As this is the case, there should be no reason to believe that mobile visitors would not become customers. The fault lies in ill-designed mobile websites, or websites not optimized for mobile view. In fact, research shows that 70 per cent of users may abandon an e-commerce website due to longer load times. 

Poor user experiences can also be due to the site navigation of mobile websites. This is an important mention because customers are always on their phones. As a result, they are inclined to research, view advertising, and buy products on their phones. Reasons why they might refrain from mobile purchasing could be due to factors like mistrust or bad user interfaces on mobile e-commerce sites. 

Arslan Ahmed | Staff Writer

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