The Life of An Influencer and the Power of Advertising

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When it comes to dream jobs, there’s none more coveted than the life of an influencer, especially during a pandemic. Who wouldn’t want products sent to their home so they could pose next to them and get paid a hefty sum? But the thing is, not everyone knows what it’s really like to be an influencer or how many of them are actually paid to live as well as they do. For many advertisers and smaller businesses, an influencer or micro-influencer (those with a following between 10,000 to 100,000) is the more affordable way to reach a target audience at a better rate. Here, we look at the key points of an influencer’s life and their advertising power.

The Perks

Influencers will often set up deals that allow them to promote whatever product a company wants them to endorse. From sunglasses to fragrances, influencers can receive free merchandise if the business they partner with sees a fit for their brand. Depending on the audience and the sway the influencer has on their followers, it can seem as though the influencer in question has all the best stuff, when in reality they got it for free. Influencers will also eat and drink on the house, while attending the best parties in order to lend more exposure to a business.

Modest Incomes

Fun fact: not all influencers, especially micro-influencers, get paid high salaries for their endorsement deals. There’s a surprising number that pose in front of department stores and use photo editing apps to make it seem like they have it all. Many have a modest lifestyle and even live at home with their parents or roommates because they don’t make enough to live the life they’re selling to the public. That’s not to say that there aren’t influencers that get paid enough to live a great lifestyle, but they have millions of followers (macro-influencers), other businesses, and charge thousands for social media posts. Many influencers have to pay their own way, including travel and hotel, even if they’re attending an upscale event for free.

A DIY Life

While you would expect an influencer to have a team of lawyers, stylists, and publicists behind them, that’s really just a select few. Many end up doing their own work, promoting endorsement deals, cold-calling or emailing, and being responsible for their own equipment. There are some that can afford a publicist but simply choose not to hire one, but for the most part, micro-influencers answer their own phones, emails, and have to buy their own clothes if there isn’t a partnership deal attached. In the case of a start-up or small business, the company may offer to pay influencers in the form of products or services as opposed to monetary compensation.

The Best Reach

Instagram is arguably the most popular app on the planet right now and that makes it easier for anyone to become a celebrity. Influencers on any level have a great rapport with a target audience and any business can be more approachable just by answering private messages. The marketing landscape is changing and with the right influencer, a company can grow overnight, with the right brand and the right face. An influencer may seem like a fake or meaningless job, but it’s a sales position at its core. They can have an incredible reach, especially at a time where most are stuck at home, capitalizing on a level playing field.

Evan Chambers | Contributing Writer

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