TikTok Marketing Essentials for Brands and Influencers (Part 2)

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This is a continuation of TikTok Marketing Essentials for Brands and Influencers – Part I, the first in the series of posts dedicated to creating an understanding of TikTok marketing.

Content Guide: General Suggestions

When you switch to a business account, a content guide arrives in your inbox. Some of the suggestions from this guide for brands and influencers are:

  1. Search for the keywords relevant in your industry, which would mean looking at similar brands or influencers and what they are doing. Start off with the broadest keywords such as #business and #smallbusiness and then narrow down to more specific words.
  2. Follow accounts with high follower counts and engagement that are relevant to you. This will allow TikTok to tailor content shown in your For You and Discover Pages. Also, make sure to look for trending content that is suitable for your brand so that you can create something similar. Oftentimes, responding to a TikTok challenge is a good strategy to gain traffic. 
  3. Check out trending videos on the For You page and dig deep into the filters and effects used in these videos so that you also can apply these to your videos.
  4. Visit the Business Creative Hub (accessible under the Business Suite option displayed on the menu under the Settings and Privacy section) to search for trending videos in the “community” and “business” categories.

Video and Content Suggestions in the Guideline

Here are video and content suggestions from the guide:

  1. Video Format, Quality, and Duration – Vertical format, HD videos work the best on TikTok, so make sure that their width to length ratio is 9:16, and don’t compromise on their quality. Keep in mind a typical audience member’s attention span—a video’s ideal duration should be 12 to 15 seconds, but videos with absorbing content can carry on for longer.
  2. Content Themes – Humorous content, being the most popular type, usually garners the most views. Informative content such as life hacks and reviews tend to have the highest levels of engagement. True-to-life content that creates a bridge with the viewers does well on the platform, especially when it comes to product marketing.
  3. Some Branding Suggestions – Content should include a caption that is explanatory in nature or informative of your products or services. While conveying any kind of product information, be sure to keep the tone soft-selling, as hard-selling videos don’t do as well. Authentic user testimonials are better than in-your-face, pushy ads. With product videos, ensure that the product is shown clearly in close-up shots and from multiple angles. Remember also that videos should align with your brand image. The imagery, colours, and sounds should be based on an aesthetic most relevant to your brand. For instance, a high-end fashion luxury brand might lean toward “less is more” depictions.

Having looked at the main suggestions from TikTok’s content guide, we will now move onto advertising on the platform.

Arslan Ahmed | Staff Writer

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