Top Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

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If you haven’t accepted the notion that blogs are an essential part of any business enterprise, you’re already over a decade late to the conversation. To question the necessity of such aspects in the internet age would be akin to asking why you’d want a website for your business in the first place. A business’s website has always been more than just a place to advertise. The very nature of the internet has a way of blending the personal and professional to the point where they are indistinguishable. 

While it’s important to establish who you are and what you’re offering, it’s far more important to stand out. One way to do so is with dynamic, interesting blog content. Here are the top five ways in which blogs can help your business.

Leverage the Power of Content

Blogs are more than words on a screen; they often feature videos, photos, surveys, and other content that potential customers find interesting. The blog is a free component of your website, but it can turn a profit very easily. Keep customers coming back to read or watch what they enjoy, while inviting their loyalty, which in older days would require years of return business to cultivate. 

Stay Relevant on Google

The only hassle of maintaining a well-read blog online is that it takes a certain level of commitment to update it regularly. The biggest plus of doing so is that Google and other search engines review your site’s content and check it for new updates to feed their algorithms. Providing regular updates of new, relevant content is the best way to stay at the top of a search.

It Helps Locally

Never was the importance of online marketing more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic when major companies like Amazon and Target dominated. Local stores survived because they could inform customers of any store changes and kept the proverbial light on in the window. It was an important time to remind people that we were in this together. There’s little to be done about the fact that major chains will come first, but just letting your community know you’re there counts for something as well. Some customers will seek that out. 

Put Those Keywords to Use 

You’ve probably heard your website’s developer talk about the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) through keywords. Google and other search engines use those keywords to rank your site in a search, and they are a terrific way to keep your business’s site higher up on the list of searches related to your industry. 

Did We Mention It’s Free?

If you’re already paying for the website, blogs cost you absolutely nothing but time and effort. Of course, later, you may want to hire professionals, but this can easily be a DIY operation. You don’t even need to be that technically proficient as websites such as WordPress and other hosting sites have templates that can do all the work for you. 

If you’re still looking for reasons to start a blog for your business, look no further than the fact that your competitors most likely have one and are probably doing well because of it. 

Kenny Hedges | Contributing Writer

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